Nuova Cappelletta

The estate

Nuova Cappelletta is an organic farm wich is large for our region with 216 hectares (530 acres). We focus on the vineyards and winemaking but support a bio-diverse farm with grain farming and cattle breeding.

The value of organic farming are many but the top three are:

SUSTAINABILITY. We leave the soil in better condition then we found it for future generations to farm. The farm's landscape is not all crops but it is mixed with bushes, small forests and lakes, creating the ideal enviroment for the development of beneficial insects and wildlife. It also support the migration and reproduction of many birds.

QUALITY. We find that by using 'on farm' imputs we grow less, but better quality grapes and wines that demonstrate the flavors unique to the Monferrato region. When 'off farm'  inputs like fertilizers and herbicides are used the wines become 'homogenized' and lose part of their regional distinction.

HEALTH OF BODY and MIND. Our workers and consumers enjoy a healthier lifestyle and food supply. We find the people we meet in the organic food world to be more fun and intellectually stimulating.



Nuova Cappelletta grows grapes traditional to Piedmont, selected and improved through the years. The varieties are Grignolino, Barbera, Freisa, Nebbiolo, Cortese and Chardonnay. Only grapes from the farm’s own vineyards are used as ingredients to the DOC certified wines of Nuova Cappelletta wines.

The scent and flavor of our wines engage smell and taste revealing their origins, their harmony and the full character of their land : the name "Vignale Monferrato” derive from “vigna”, the italian word for vine, as an evidence of the many centuries of local tradition in growing this crop. The wines of Nuova Cappelletta are obtained from grapes cultivated with the organic and biodynamic method in accordance with EU 834/2007 biological regulations and Demeter standards which both covers also the techniques and products for wine making and bottling.

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