Nuova Cappelletta

The estate

Nuova Cappelletta is an organic estate primarily focused on quality wine making and vineyard management.  Also ‘Piemontese’ cattle breeding and cereal growing are carried out at the farm, as part of a sustainable farming approach.

The farm is located in Vignale Monferrato, Italy, ad it covers 210 HA (519 acres) of hilly landscape. Of these about 20 HA (50 acres) are vineyards.

The entire estate is certified for organic farming since 1984 and all its produce meets the DEMETER standards for biodynamic agriculture. According to these principles, the farm is managed for sustainability, and all activities are interconnected. As an example, culture rotation and cattle manure together with the diversified cultivations are fundamental to maintain a well balanced and sustainable land fertility.


Nuova Cappelletta grows grapes traditional to Piedmont, selected and improved through the years. The varieties are Grignolino, Barbera, Freisa, Nebbiolo, Cortese and Chardonnay. Only grapes from the farm’s own vineyards are used as ingredients to the DOC certified wines of Nuova Cappelletta wines.

The scent and flavor of our wines engage smell and taste revealing their origins, their harmony and the full character of their land : the name "Vignale Monferrato” derive from “vigna”, the italian word for vine, as an evidence of the many centuries of local tradition in growing this crop. The wines of Nuova Cappelletta are obtained from grapes cultivated with the organic and biodynamic method in accordance with EU 834/2007 biological regulations and Demeter standards which both covers also the techniques and products for wine making and bottling.

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