Novareto Collina Montalbava Minola

The vineyards of Nuova Cappelletta are located on the hilly fields that belong to the estate, and are interrupted by fields in rotation or pastures.

The terrain lies on top of a layer of sea deposits from the Miocenic period and a geological boundary crosses the estate from north to south.

Our vines are guyot-trained. The fruiting heads are pruned to 5-7 buds and grass is grown between the rows in order to create a competitive environment, where the vines respond by naturally limiting their output.

The plants are protected and treated with substances of animal, mineral and plant origin, as certified by the body for organic farming (CCPB).
The biodynamic method is monitored by the Demeter technicians.

  • The Novareto Vineyard: it is a natural amphiteater facing south-south-east. It measures 7 hectares and is dedicated to growing by barbera, grignolino, freisa and nebbiolo in equal parts. The constant breeze that blows on this ridge from spring to autumn allow late harvest with very healty grapes.
  • The Collina Vineyard: is situated in the area of the same name in Vignale Monferrato and covers 7 hectares and is dedicated to Barbera, Cortese and Chardonnay. The vineyard is south-west facing with an average incline of 30°
  • The Montalbava Vineyard: measures 3 hectares and is entirely dedicated to growing Barbera. This area which in the past also held small vineyards was chosen also for its southerly exposure.
  • The Minola Vineyard: is adjacent to the Montalbava vineyard. It covers 3 hectares and is located in the Barbera area of Vignale Monferrato. Its south-facing aspect, loose soil and sheltered position all make this vineyard particularly suitable for the cultivation of Barbera, which can be harvested right into late October, allowing for an excellent natural ripening of the fruit.

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