"The Doorway"

The Nuova Cappelletta winery “il Portone” is where all operations from grape to bottle take place.

The winery is in a large, horseshoe-shaped, XVI century building constructed with traditional materials: huge blocks of tuff alternated with layers of smaller baked-clay bricks, with the lower cellars carved in the rock.

Today they are used for maturing the wine in French oak barrels. These premises also house the modern stainless steel equipment for pressing the grapes, making the wine, storing and bottling it.
It was not an easy task getting the new equipment into the old buildings, but all has been done in full respect of the original architecture and today's regulations.

Each single stock of wine is treated with maximum care, and frequently checked by our oenologists. This results in sound and healthy wines with a very low content of sulfites.

Part of the premises have been recently refurbished to house a wine tasting reception area.

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